Standing Committees

Much of the planning and organizing is done through the committees of the church.  Below you will find information on what each committee is responsible for, and who to contact to get more involved.  Each committee should have at least one elder, and you can find their contact information on the Session page.


Adult Education: To Provide a dynamic, reformed, belief based adult education program that allows each adult to study and learn, starting at each adult’s spiritual level.  The program will include Bible studies, topical studies, different learning experiences and techniques, Presbyterian beliefs and fellowship.

Members:Meril Amos, Tom Amos, Jamie Linville, Jan Olson.


Buildings & Grounds: maintains the church buildings and grounds in a professional manner with special attention to safety and to provide an inviting place to worship God.  This team coordinates the maintenance and upgrades to our buildings and exterior grounds.  This committee also is responsible for setting up tables and chairs for special events at the church.

Members: Betty Stephenson-Chair, Oleg Prochoda, Wayne Dewey, Louis Shankle, George Phillips, Bill Alsdorf, Jeff Walsh


Children, Family and Youth:  

Vision Statement:  To faithfully engage, empower and nurture our children, youth and families through prayer, mission and worship.  

Objectives:  • Provide a nurturing and safe environment for all to belong. • Involve the parents of our children and youth ministry.  • Intentionally develop children and youth’s spirituality.  • Teach children and youth God’s word in an interactive, engaging way.  • Advocate adult education for parents, honoring the baptismal covenant to support parents and provide tools for faith development.  • Promote unity among all committees.

Responsibilities:  • Seek out volunteers. • Create a kick off event for the school year and a closing recognition. • Approve curriculum and insure programming supplies have been ordered  • Create special events throughout the year (3rd grade Bibles, volunteer appreciation, Mission projects, intergenerational activities, Senior Sunday, etc.)  • Plan Advent, Easter and Christmas programs.  • Review current budget and prepare budget proposal for coming year • Evaluate major programs and adjust as needed (children’s Christmas program, child protection policies, youth group mission projects)  • Plan training and educational workshops for volunteers including a retreat to evaluate the past year and vision new ministries.  • Oversee summer ministries (VBS, mission projects, etc.)  

For more information , see our Children and Teens pages.

Members:  Amanda Thieman, Amy Langeberg


Endowment: The Endowment Committee was established to create awareness within the congregation of the need and joy of making financial gifts to First Presbyterian Church, Brighton, Co, to receive those gifts; and to act with proper fiduciary responsibility to oversee the investment management and disbursement of endowment funds.  Once assets are accepted, the Endowment Committee is committed to honor the gift designations and the wishes of the donor(s).

Members: Jamie Linville, Jeff Walsh, Dan Briggs, Amanda Thieman, David Olson, Tom Amos (Treasurer)


Finance:  Develops and recommends an annual budget to the Session with input from the staff and committees.  The budget is monitored on a regular basis by reviewing the monthly financial information provided by the Treasurer, Board of Deacons, and Children and Youth Committee.  Reviews the church’s insurance coverage to determine if it is adequate for the needs of the church.  Monitors and negotiates the following contracts for the church: Daycare building, Cell tower, Copier, Telephone, Insurance . Collects per capita from the members. The goal of the Finance Committee is to look out for the financial well-being of the church by:  Finding ways to contain and minimize costs ; Establishing internal financial controls.

Members: Joe Henderson- Chair, Dan Briggs, Bob Kirschenmann, Bill Alsdorf, Kim Walsh,

Tom Amos – Treasurer


Mission:To identify and inform the congregation of local, national, and international mission opportunities.  To organize participation in select mission opportunities including donations of time, money, specific items, and talents ( description from April 2010). For more information, visit our page: Mission Committee

Members: Joann Briggs-Chair, Julia Henderson, Lori Shankle, Marijo Hinton, Martha McCauley, Ed Warner, Lisa Origlio, Pat and Joe Ross, Bonnie Simcox


Nominating Committee: Committee must be representative of the demographics of the congregation, including at least one deacon and two elders, one of whom shall serve as moderator.  The pastor shall be a member of the committee, but may not vote.  The committee shall put together a slate of candidates for available deacon and elder positions annually.(Description from April 2010)

Members: Amanda Thieman


Outreach: The Outreach and Hospitality team welcomes visitors and reaches out to the community to invite others to join us in our faith journey, through worship, activities and events.  We strive to be a welcoming visible presence in our community by participating in multiple activities and missions.  For more information, visit our page: Outreach & Hospitality

Members: Joann Briggs – Chair, Jamie Linville, Tom Amos, Char Richers, Marijo Hinton, Janet George


Personnel: The Personnel Committee shall oversee matters relating to the hiring, supervision, compensation and termination of all paid staff members of the church under the guidance of the pastor.  Through interviews of the pastor and each church staff member, the committee shall define and refine job descriptions, performance standards and goal setting, and shall measure staff performance according to these standards.  The Personnel Committee shall also seek to measure compensation adequacy for all staff positions and shall recommend adjustments to the Session.

Members: Tom Delgado-Chair, Jim Vincent, Donna Prochado, Laurie McCleskey, Meril Amos, Steve Simcox, Rev. Dr. Dee Cooper


Stewardship:The stewardship committee plans and implements stewardship events, campaigns, etc throughout the year to promote participation in giving of time, talents and monetary donations.(Description from April 2010)

Members: Joe Henderson, Matt Miller


WorshipPrimary Goal: To attain a total excellence of the worship experience from when entering the church building to leaving the church building; and to have people take that experience with them into their daily lives  and share it with others.

The Worship Committee is responsible for the following areas. Responsibility may be assumed by committee members or by volunteers designated by the committee.

o Liturgists, Ushers, Powerpoint, Sound, Music,Paraments/Decoration

STRATEGIES: Support and grow the music ministry:

o Assist the Music Director in supervising, scheduling and evaluating all dimensions of the music ministry, Include the gifts of all members of the congregation – young and old, male and female – by encouraging members who love music to share their gift of music

Enhance the visual arts:

o Provide seasonally appropriate banners, flowers and other decorations, Create the proper setting for the celebration of the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, Encourage those with creative and artistic skill to share those gifts, create a meaningful worship experience,

Assist worship leaders as requested in planning worship services, Evaluate worship effectiveness, Coordinate with other committees on matters that affect worship

Budget Allocation: Congregational music and worship Resources, CCLI License,  Music for choirs, Visual Arts supplies,  Pay visiting musicians

COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP:In addition to staff members (Music Director and Pastor), the optimum committee membership is at least one member each from:

Session, Chancel Choir and Carillon Choir, Early Service attender, Audio-Visual team member, Children/Youth representative

For more information, go to our Music & Arts page.

Members:Chair: Bonnie Simcox, Jen Delgado, Bill Alsdorf, Donna Prochoda, Tom Wolfe, Julie Dickman, Rev. Dr. Dee Cooper